Virtual Training:

Intro to Scar Camo

Recorded Virtual Training


Join Mandy for a day full of scars! We’re offering an Intro to Scar Camo, an opportunity to virtually shadow Mandy while she works a full day on scar patients. Watch how she handles each scar differently, the techniques she uses for each scar, and much more! 

This training is perfect for those that are looking for scar training, without having to travel. Right now our only training that offers scars is our fundamental training – sign up now and have access to an exclusive clinical day, with 2 models per student! 






Recording Day 1

This is an introduction and discussion to scar camouflage! Mandy covers all about skin – one of the most important parts of scar camo. Then she’ll cover the different types of scars, which ones are ideal for tattooing, inks, and anything from pre-procedure to post procedure care. 



Recording Day 2

Watch a full day of scar patients! Mandy explains live, step-by-step how she’s scar camouflaging each patient, and the techniques she’s using to achieve the desired results. She answers questions students ask throughout the live webinar, which include needle type, q-tip wetting, inks, motion, and more! 








2020 Dates Coming Soon 

-2 models per student 

-Must be HIPPA & Bloodborne Pathogen compliant (course BBP300)

-Opportunity to observe different scar cases & tattoo approach to each






Additional Virtual Trainings


Virtual Live Areola and Scar Camouflage Trainings  




Without the right ink, you won’t get the right results. Starting to work on scars? Check out Mandy’s line of scar inks, MixITUP!, designed as a set to match any skin tone. Colors are meant to be be mixed in order to color match any patient and undertone. Did we mention they have color retention? This set is a must for working on scars!


$189.00 w/ training purchase