12 Days of Nipples Campaign - The Sauler Institute

By Kelsey Woodbridge

Welcome to the #12DaysofNipples

Nipples are natural. But they’re also funny, sexy, gross, embarrassing, maternal, beautiful, and sometimes extra perky.


Label them what you want, your nips are so much #MoreThanNips.

We see nipples all day long because we tattoo them. Our patients survive breast cancer, breast reconstruction, (sometimes) nipple reconstruction, and then we tattoo a nipple on them!

Their plastic surgeon takes a nipple, so we give one. Kind of like those penny bowls at store counters. Except nipples come with the weight of labels – ones we give and ones we take on.


We’re taking those labels out this holiday season.

Nipples are so much more than nipples but they’re also just nipples, wherever they came from.


Sometimes you lose a nipple, and that’s okay. Is it hard? Yes. What’s even harder? No not your nipple, but all those negative thoughts you tell yourself when you lose a nipple. We’re here to tell you – with or without a nipple you’re beautiful. We’re okay with giving you that label. And, accepting a new nipple is fine (our nipples are works of beautiful art, especially on you)!


The great thing about body parts? They won’t get jealous when you decide to get a new one.


We’re putting nipples on fun things like Rudolph’s nose, because we all need an extra laugh this holiday season, and how can you label that?


Enjoy your nipples (or nipple-less self), ladies and gents. Happy #12DaysofNipples.



The Sauler Team