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By Kelsey Woodbridge

Medical tattooing is the process of tattooing to reconstruct, or present the appearance of something on one’s body due to a medical condition or surgery. A popular example of this would be tattooing an areola 3D nipple on a breast cancer survivor, in order to replicate the appearance of a nipple after breast reconstruction. This can also help reconstruct other body parts like belly buttons, fingernails, or even help with webbed toes.  Medical tattooing can also include camouflaging scars that are lighter than the surrounding skin due to surgeries, accidents, or other causes.

MSK medical tattooing training


While the demand for medical tattooing is increasing, there is also a strong need for experienced instructors in hospitals. The common misconception with medical tattooing is that it is completely a “medical” procedure, meaning anyone with a medical background can perform this procedure on a patient. However, many of our patients come to us to have their nipple tattoos redone because they aren’t happy with the results done by a medical professional. Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are not qualified to perform medical tattooing unless they have had comprehensive training. Advancements in training for 3D nipple tattooing were not available like they are now. Now is the time to get trained in this growing industry!


How it works:

How does medical tattoo training work?

  1. We will come to you. Just as patients are more comfortable having a procedure in an office they know, so is your staff. We understand that hospital staff are extremely busy, and may not have time to travel to obtain the necessary skills for this practice.
  2. We will completely customize the training to your hospital staff. In most cases, medical staff is already aware of the medical side of our training. Meaning, will not spend time lecturing on breast cancer history or the different types of reconstruction if this is already knowledge they have.
  3. You train alongside your peers. We will build a class for your employees, and cater to their abilities. When learning a new technique, it’s important to bounce off ideas and questions with others in your group.


Why bring a trainer to your hospital?

MSK medical tattooing training

The reality is that many unqualified medical professionals are medical tattooing in order to keep patients in-house. However, when clients come to us unhappy with their nipple tattoos, it’s clear professional medical tattoo training is needed. When hospitals train their staff on medical tattooing, they are investing in their employee’s skills and their patient’s procedures. This will provide patients will quality nipple tattoos, and keep your patients in-house. This will lead to satisfied patients that will then bring more patient referrals to you practice.

We’ve been invited to train at some of the most top-notch hospitals in the nation. Check out a list of these hospitals here.


What you will learn


Trainings are comprehensive and packed with information across the 3 days. Hospital staff will be under the instruction of Sauler technicians, learning about how to create the illusion of an areola 3D nipple tattoo. If interested, hospitals can be trained in scar camouflage as well.


Learn more about what our training courses offer here at our location.