Fundamental Cosmetic Tattooing | 100 Hours Course

Fundamental Cosmetic Tattoo Training

Feb & April 2024


Looking for a new career?

Are you interested in cosmetic  tattooing? Invest in your skills and the future of the permanent make up tattooing industry by learning the beginning skills of becoming a pmu artist.

Join our fundamental training for those interested eyebrows, eyeliner, & lips. Take this step by step training to began your career. This class is being offered at Sauler Institute Training Facility in Exton, PA.


121 John Robert Thomas Dr. Exton PA

Training Tuition:

                                                               $9,695.00 ($1,500 non-refundable deposit required)


100 Hours: 6 days in person with hands on live models (includes 6 procedures)

2024 DATES

Feb 12th-17th, 2024

                                                                                             April 22nd-27th, 2024

Dates are subject to change


What will you learn?

Consultations: Understanding the top questions your clients/patients will ask and how to give clear expectations.
Empathy: How to better understand the feeling’s of patients during the working day.
Machines: Learning the machine parts, speed, and handling for each type of procedure.
Infections Control: Detailed example of practical work day that ties into blood borne pathogen class.
Scar Tissue: Full understanding of the types of scar tissue that can be corrected with micropigmentation.
Proper Techniques, Hand Position, Proper Stretching: Practical and visual learning.
Machine Angles/Motions: Practical and visual learning.
Color Theory: Understanding of the undertones in colors to match different skin types.

Color Mixing: Simple understanding of what colors to use for each skin type.
Needles For Each Machine: Knowing the different types of tools for each machine and setting.
Intensive Needle Understanding: Including sizes, groupings, tapers, depth, textures and choosing the correct needle for each procedure.
Skin Types: Details on our secret trick to match each skin type.
Difficult Situations: What to do and how to handle.
Aftercare (Scars): What works best and all after care forms you need to give to your clients.
Charting: Proper charting to track and understand each client.
Billing & Insurance: Review of materials and resources client/patients will need. Will be provided with materials.
Photography: Lesson on how and to take photos of.
Marketing: How to create awareness about your services and the impact of them.

…and so much more!

*This exclusive class includes working on live models*


How to get ready for class


  • Proof of Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate sent to us prior to you attending class (link will provided upon completing registration)
  • Pre-class work: 3 Live Zoom Days (8 hours)
  • Research your state laws and regulation for tattooing
  • Review workbook (will be sent via mail upon completing registration)



What should students bring?

  • Attire: Closed toed shoes. Eyewear if needed.
  • Camera/Device: To take before and after pictures of your work. We recommend you bring a good quality camera for a nice close up (iPhones work). We will not send photos after the class completion.





  • Airport: Fly into the PHL Airport at 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
  • Class Times: Class days are from 9am – 6pm; Clinical days are from 9:15am – 6pm *estimated times subject to change*
  • Lodging: We recommend staying in the Exton PA 19341 area. Also, you may want to consider looking into Airbnb for reduced rates.



What will your blue bag include?


  • Manual/Learning Materials: This will include a written manual and work book
  • Tattoo Pigments: Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips
  • Tattoo Machine: Wireless Flux
  • Starter Equipment: Starter package will come with all materials for your tray set up.
  • Meals: Lunch the first 2 days, light snacks, and refreshments will be provided (student is responsible for dinner).
  • Certificates: We do not guarantee a certificate at the end of our training, you are paying for education not a certificate. You will receive your certificate once you meet the Sauler Institute’s Areola Nipple Tattooing Standards



Who will you be working with? 

Monica Barnes

Owner of the well known M&M Tattooing,
which opened in 1988. She founded the Pennsylvania Institute of Tattooing, teaching the newest up and coming artist body art. She has now partnered with Mandy to provide life changing procedures and training.

Mandy Sauler

Founder of the Sauler Institute, Mandy has been published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal. She has continually educated herself to be on top of the updated techniques available, as well as provided education for those interested in the industry. Priding herself in developing the most natural looking 3D Nipples and PMU procedures she has dedicated herself to this new medical movement of tattooing. Clients and students travel around the world to have this procedure done and to be trained with the Sauler Institute. Currently, it is now in three different states, six hospital, and collaborates with dozens of doctors.

Carla Sanchez

An experienced clinical director, she has been working with hospitals and clients for the several years. Carla provides valuable information ranging from managing the schedule, providing options for dealing with insurance companies, and consulting patients before as well as after their operation.



At the Sauler Institute, we believe knowledge is power. Our Fundamental Training provides students with the knowledge of the cosmetic tattooing industry. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the tools and techniques used by the Sauler Institute in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Our seven day class is constructed and taught as a beginner training class. After completing our class, students should expect to understand the art of cosmetic tattooing. Students should not expect to master the art of cosemtic tattooing subsequent to taking our class. We cannot guarantee job placement, or work in the cosmetic tattooing industry after completing our class. Cosmetic tattooing is an art, and should be practiced as such.

“Practice makes the master.” – Patrick Rothfuss


2024 Dates

 Feb 12th-17th, 2024

                                                                                              April 22nd-27th, 2024

                                                                                 Pricing: $9,695.00

                  100 Hours: 6 Days in Person with hands on live models (includes 6 procedures)




Seat Reservation $1,500

(applied towards training fee)



Hear from our previous students

“Thank you Mandy and everyone at the Sauler Institute for helping me take my
practice to a higher level. Knowledgeable instructors with years of hands on practical
experience who were able to break it down and teach us all what we needed to
know. I cannot recommend highly enough.” Tina Lucas

“So much compassion and willing to help people
through a tough process. The best work in the East coast.” Michelle Pattin

“Mandy and team are amazing professional and passionate and I had an amazing
training experience and would take this class again!! The training gave me the tools
I needed to help and give confidence to the patient in need of areola tattooing.
So… happy to have trained with Mandy and team.” Juana Shin

“Whether your interests are taking areola classes or consider becoming a patient,
Mandy and the staff of the Sauler Institute are adamant professionals treating
every individual with great care and compassion.” Angela Fox


More information:

[email protected]

(484) 883-6827