NY Pricing - Sauler Institute

NY Pricing



Initial Procedure Fees 

Full Eyebrows $1,100

Follow Up $400

Eyeliner $1,100 (Includes upper & lower)

We do not do “thick” eyeliner. For enhanced eyeliner on the second visit the fee is an additional $100. 

Follow up $400 

Top Eyeliner Only $800

Follow up $300 

Bottom Eyeliner Only $500

Follow up $250 

We do not do “thick” eyeliner. 

Full Lips $1,400 (includes lip shaping & enhancement) 

Follow up $600

Lip Liner $900

Follow up $300


Please add NYC 4.5% tax to any selected services. 

If a client needs a follow up within 6 months of their refresh, we will price the procedure according to the need. 



Scar Camouflage:

$850/hr per session


Nipple/Areola Re-pigmentation: 

For breast cancer patients – hourly paramedical rates apply

Periodically permanent makeup will need to be refreshed. Refresh procedure is a one time single session to intensify the color that has faded over time. 

Please note this pricing is only available to existing clients whom the Sauler Institute has performed their initial procedure. 



Eyebrows $750

Eyeliner Top & Bottom $750

Top Eyeliner Only $600

Bottom Eyeliner Only $500

Lip Liner Only $600

Full Lips $1,000

Alopecia Brow $900

Alopecia Eyeliner Top & Bottom $900

Paramedical $850 per hour per session