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With microblading becoming a popular procedure and permanent makeup getting out in the media people are more aware of these procedures. Sometimes there can be confusion because people are calling (marketing) it with different names. You may hear eyebrow embroidery, 3D brows, microstrokes, they are all the same procedure just advertised by a different name. There is also a lot of confusion whether it is semi permanent or a permanent procedure with all the different types of (marketing) out there.

This is a permanent procedure; any time pigment is placed in the dermal layer of the skin it is a permanent mark. Although with this procedure you may have to come back sooner for refreshing of the color because smaller amounts of color is deposited into the skin. Your brows will fade over time based on our life styles and amount of sun exposure.

This procedure is done with a hand held device which will have different configuration’s of small micro needles stacked in a row. This is not an actual blade that is being used. Microblading is not good for every skin type, please setup a consult to find out if you’re a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Special note from the Sauler Institute:
With the high exposure of microblading in the media, there have been a lot of interested money makers coming in the industry. Please beware of new places of improperly trained technicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of scar camouflage?

A: The cost of our scar camouflage service depends on your type of scar. Call us at 484-883-6827 to make a consult!

Facelift Scars/Surgery Scars

A: With medical tattooing we can add pigment to any area lighter than the surrounding skin and then blend to match.


A: Provide a more distinguished frame to your face. With aging brows become thin, soft, and spare. With our hair by hair stroke application, we add fullness but with a natural eyebrow appearance.


A: Permanent cosmetics applied to lips can correct scars, unevenness, and discoloration that appear with aging.

Transplant Scars

A: We camouflage transplant areas with a dot by dot technic creating a 5 o’clock shadow. Thinning hairlines, beards, and sideburns can be filled in to blend and hide scars.

Hair Loss / Thinning

A: Hair follicles destroyed during injury or scarring can result in bald patches. Permanent makeup can help hide hair loss from thinning or bald areas.


A: Men can use permanent cosmetics to enhance eyelash loss. The process of aging can give you a tired look, but with just a natural enhancement to the upper and lower lids you can look younger.

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Happy Clients!

“Monica, Starting with my first glance this morning in the Bathroom Mirror, and EVERY time since (I admit; I’ve been looking all day!) I have seen someone with gorgeous , youthful, beautifully shaped/colored/realistic eyebrows – instead of seeing someone with NO eyebrows who looks (had looked) like an Alien! It’s been SO wonderful! I LOVE THEM – each little perfect stroke/cut of ink! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! Thank you! I feel extra fortunate that you continue to work and offer to clients/patients your Art/extraordinary Ability/Skills.”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful job and professional artwork you’ve created! You have made such a difference in my appearance, and my life! I’m so please with the outcome,and feel so blessed to have met you. Artist like you change lives with your gift.”

“I wish I had done this sooner. I can shower/dress so fast, now, that it no longer keeps me from working out or having fun because I might have to redo. I also was having difficulty seeing up close to apply my make-up. Sometimes my eyes sting when I’m out, and now I can just wash out whatever they are reacting to, powder and go. It is so freeing!! No more lip prints, raccoon eyes, smudges, or wearing off. And, I get to wake up with it all, too. Mandy even filled in some white spots/scars that I had difficulty covering (face/leg). It’s great! Mandy’s great, too. Very professional and personable. Big thanks.”

“Best decision ever. Now I don’t worry about putting makeup on them everyday like I had to before because I had a part for my brow that had no hair due to a surgery. I would recommend this to everyone. “

“Awesome experience!! Can’t wait to go back again.”

“I was very pleased with the results of my eyebrow enhancement. I found the staff to be very qualified and professional.”

“Mandy- you did my areola tatttoo(s) about three and a half years ago -don’t know if I ever thanked you but you did an AMAZING job – I could never thank you enough for making me feel normal again! ( I went to Dr. Wu’s office at UPenn) – I have even sent two friends to you- Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!!”

“Mandy is that wonderful combination of the health care professional and artist, whose skill makes a profound difference in the lives of our breast cancer patients,” says Joseph M. Serletti, chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Penn Medical School and head of HUP’s breast reconstruction team.”

“About 2 weeks ago I had a mammogram on my “new” transflapped breast. I have some fat necrosis that the doctors wanted to confirm was not cancer. So, I go into the mammography room at the breast clinic here in Harrisburg and present my breast to the clinician, who does 20-30 mammograms a day. She then pulls a “marker” off a strip and plants it right on the tattoo you gave me (my new nipple) on January 10, 2014 at Penn. The marker is enclosed and is a symbol of your expertise.

That tattoo is so realistic that the woman thought it was a genuine nipple at first glance. I said, “that’s not a nipple, that’s a tattoo” and she was floored. She said that she’d never been fooled before and wondered where I had found such a great artist.

A heartfelt thank you for a job well done!”

“Ms. Saulers is an incredible artist who creates amazing result. Her ability to blend colors and create a natural look is like no other. Her professional permanent cosmetic business is the only one I would recommend.”

“Ms. Sauler has been an amazing reference for permanent cosmetics to our cosmetic practice. Her professionalism and expertise in treating our referred patients has been wonderful. I would highly recommend her for any patient in need of permanent cosmetics.”

Save money. Be a model. 

Receive free scar or nipple tattooing by being a model for our next training class. Only a $50 supplies fee. 

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