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Here’s one question that pops up in our DM day in and day out: “What is the difference between micro-blading and machine eyebrows?” Alright. We understand your frustration. You wish to have those perfect, seductive, head-turning brows, don’t you? But, the overwhelming amount of misinformation making rounds on the internet quadruples the challenge of finding the perfect answer to the question. Therefore, we wanted to post a standalone article describing the differences between micro-blading and machined permanent eyebrows. We’ll discuss the methods, share the pros and cons of using them, and similarities between the two procedures. So, let’s cut to the chase and get started!


What are machined permanent eyebrows?

Machined brows, also called Permanent Make-Up or micro-pigmentation, involve a cosmetic tattoo machine that implants pigments into the skin. The make-up artist uses ultra-fine needles that implant the pigment close to the skin surface. You have a wide range of techniques to choose from when you go for machined brows, for example, powdered brows, ombre brows, natural enhancing hair stroke eyebrows, and more. With new technology now they have what’s called nano needles which create the most realistic look of hairs. When this procedure is healed you would never know that they weren’t real. Here are the pros and cons of using the machine for permanent eyebrow procedure.

Pros of machined eyebrows!

  • The machined permanent eyebrows procedure is great for mostly all skin types. People with certain skin types and age of skin are not great for microblading. Which makes working with a machine give them the best results.

  • Machined hair-strokes are superior to micro-blading as the former rarely results in ink bleeding. Thus, it ensures excellent strokes as the make-up artist can go through the same path until you get the look you want.

  • The machined hair strokes are made by small impressions in the skin, not cutting the skin like microblading. So this will not leave scar tissue in the skin.

Cons of machined eyebrows!

  • The vibrations and noise from the machine affect the overall customer experience. Make-up artists find it hard to control the machines due to the vibrations. The artist’s erratic hand movements might injure the customer.

  • If the make-up artist is not experienced they can run the risk of operating at the wrong angle into the skin. The artists need to keep their hand movements in check and ensure they don’t overuse the machine.

Micro-blading procedure for permanent eyebrows

An alternative to machined brows, micro-blading is another popular permanent eyebrow technique. Although the concept is similar to machined eyebrows, the make-up artists implant the pigment into the skin using a disposable hand tool. The tool is used to produce fine hair strokes. The needles in the hand tool have the potential to create ultra-sharp or ultra-fine hair strokes. How fine are the hair strokes? Well, the strokes are so fine that they look just like real eyebrow hair. Thus, the micro-blading procedure is for people that want perfectly natural-looking eyebrows! Here are the pros and cons of using the micro-blading permanent eyebrow procedure.

Pros of micro-blading eyebrows!

  • Micro-blading is super simple for a skilled make-up artist. Why? The hand tool or manual tool used in the procedure comes with a blade that is easy to operate. Drawing strokes with the tool is quite simple.
  • Customers don’t have to fight the irritating sound from the machining procedure. There are no vibrations or distractions. This makes the procedure soothing and comfortable for customers. Also, the manual tool is easier to place strokes with than a machine.

Cons of micro-blading eyebrows!

  • As discussed earlier, micro-blading involves making minor cuts to put the ink in place. The cuts made in the skin are relatable to papercuts. Customers getting the procedure done by inadequately trained artists might end up damaging their skin unknowingly. Once the cuts are made, any touchup procedure will only irritate the skin more.
  • The make-up artist might feel the need to perform more ink injections after the first one. This might end up over-thickening the strokes and adversely impact the healing process. As a result, the strokes will seem blurry instead of natural-looking.
  • If the ink from the skin starts to bleed, it will be practically impossible to restore the procedure. The make-up artist has to put in a lot of effort to lock the ink in the whole cut.

What are the similarities between micro-blading and machine procedures?

However, one should also acknowledge the similarities between the two permanent eyebrow procedures! Both the eyebrow tattooing procedures involve pigments deposited into the skin’s upper dermal layer. The procedures are classified as cosmetic tattooing and hence require highly trained and skilled make-up professionals. The end result of the procedures mostly depends on the skill of the artist instead of the method of implantation. Therefore, you must seek highly reputed and skilled make-up professionals to get your eyebrows done.

Which permanent eyebrow procedure is best for YOU? 

Your eyebrows deserve the best. Hence, we went all the way to write a post showing the differences between micro-blading and machined permanent eyebrows. Now that you know how both the methods differ, do you feel confident enough to make a choice for yourself? If you don’t, feel free to reach out to us and ask any questions about your upcoming eyebrow procedure! Since everyone’s skin is different, we highly recommend connecting with our friendly make-up experts to get a customized solution for your brows in no time. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!