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Nipple Stencil Kit


This Kit was designed by Mandy Sauler with breast cancer survivors in mind. Time after time, patients would visit for correction of dreadful tattooing done at some of the best hospitals in the United States. While working in over a ½ dozen hospitals on the east coast, she continued her research and found that the tools and training for these procedures were simply not available.


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She decided to create a tool that would deliver better results, ultimately helping patients feel more confident after their last stage of reconstruction. Growing up in a tattoo shop, Mandy began tattooing 20 years ago, she knew there was an artistry piece that has been missing in the medical field. Utilizing her expertise, she has combined some of the methods of traditional skin art to make this process seamless for you and your clients.

If you are currently providing areola nipple tattooing or you are new to it, this is one of the greatest tools to create amazing 3D nipples!

This starter kit will provide you with one circle maker, with the most common areola sizes used for your clients.

Two numbered lamented colored sheets of nipples to show your clients, so they can give you an idea of the color and size of their nipples. This will save you and your client time on mixing cap after cap of colors. Along with taking the pressure off your client to remember what they used to look like. THIS TOOL IS A MUST HAVE!

Once your client makes a choice on the color and size you will mark the area with your circle maker. At this time, you will match the numbered stencil with the lamented sheet of colored nipples.

This kits will include nine starter stencils to match each number on the lamented sheet, along with nine stencil solution wipes that will make the stencil adhere to the skin.

This is all enclosed in an attractive, useful box where you can store all of your areola nipple tattooing supplies.

This kit is a one-of-a-kind kit that will simplify your 3D nipple tattooing process. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your own!

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● Circle Maker

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